Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More from the mail man!

So I have really been gettin to know my mailman! LOL The rest of my shopping spree items have arived!

This is 3 cp and 2-1/2 yards from the Moda Butterfly Print & Blenders and Migration line.

This was from Nacy's Notions web site! I also got the Dear Jane Book!!! Ohhh I can't wait to stat of that!

Add we all know what these are!!! More Turnovers from MODA!

This is all of the "Scrap Bags" I got off of eBay. I took them out of the bag and rolled them and made my own labels for them so I know what line of Moda fabric they were from.

Finally my last cp Garden Party from Mode...well for now...he he he


blauraute said...

Beautiful fabrics the mailman brought to you. They have wonderful colors, I love them.
Your blog is very interesting and your quilts are great.
Have a nice day and greetings from Germany

Launi said...

Does Moda still do "Turnovers"? They are just so cute and I've never seen them before. Of course, I'm rather new at this quilting thing...that could be it!
Thanks so much for following my blog.