Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scor-Pal Giveaway

Scor-Pal Giveaway!!!!

My friend Wendy is having a giveaway...all you have to do is go to her blog and follow some easy steps!!! Here is her link!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I got an Award!!

My first blog award! First I want to thank Wendy for thinking that my blog is fab! In order to accept my award I have to list 5 things I am addicted to and pass the award to 5 fab bloggers! They will have to do the same in order to get an award!

My 5 things I am addicted to:

1. Pink and Brown Paper
2. Stamps
3. Ribbon
4. Flowers
5. Blogging

My 5 fab bloggers:

Today is the first day...

Well today I stopped smoking! I went and bought the patch...had my last smoke and slapped that patch on my arm! I don't know why but just in the past few weeks, I just don't want to smoke anymore. I have wanted to so many times before but only went a day or so and broke down. This time...I WILL QUITE! I put away all the ashtrays, lighters, and cleaned my house. I want to be healthy for my kids and live long enough to see my grandkids!! I don't want to smell like a cig any more. I don't want to be attached always making sure I have my smokes with me. I thought about it and I have been smoking for 25 years! I know this will be the hardest thing to get through and I am scared. I am worried that I won't be able to do it. It's been sooo long that I don't remember how it was to NOT smoke. For all of you reading this, I would love some support. Well it's been 1 day down and the rest of my long life to go!